The finished product

Le Panyol ovens are the only 100% organic wood fired oven on the market.  The oven is made from Terre Blanche de Larnage (“White Earth”) and is highly regarded as the premier oven core material in France.  Since the Roman era these white earth ovens are far superior to traditional terra cotta, dense firebrick, cold cast refractory concrete ovens.  Terre Blanche offers a faster warm up time, incomparable thermal properties and outstanding efficiency & durability.  Most importantly, every Le Panyol wood fired oven is 100% organic.

Our oven was custom made in Maine!  “Maine Wood Heat” is the sole distributor in North America.  The Le Panyol brick is imported from the Larnage Quarry in France.

Le Panyol is know for its white color due to the presence of kaolin clay.  Its high aluminum oxide content makes the clay resistant to heat exceeding 1630 degrees Celsius.  The clay contains no iron oxide, so it does not distort the taste of food.

The distinctive copper dome was hand-crafted by Barry Norling of Norridgewock, Maine. 

Firing the Oven

Sabastian's ​Wood Fired Oven

Specializing in wood-fired pizza

Construction of the Oven

The happy owners!